A brief introduction


I would rather wish that you would look at my pictures on this website, or better still, look at them ‘live’ in my studio or at an exhibition!


Nevertheless, I would like to present to you the way I work.  I’m very much inspired by the colour theory of W.Goethe. To me, painting is a search, an adventure in the magical world of colours.


Working like this requires a lot of preparation! It starts with a theme. A theme taken from a newspaper, a picture, an item on television, poetry etcetera. Most themes come to me, as ‘by coincidence’.


Before I start painting, I meditate. I empty my head and start focussing on my new found theme, take the colours I need and start painting. During this process, a dialogue starts to take place between myself, the colours and the canvas.


It’s an intensive and time consuming process. The search for the picture, the steppingstones to move on and then there is after weeks of watching renewal and looking, that special moment; my painting is finished, there is nothing I can ad, it’s finished.


My painting is ready to be shown to the world.